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Lu Jong, tibetan yoga

Lu = physical body / Jong = training or transformation

Healing tibetan yoga or medicinal yoga

Lu Jong yoga, created around 8000 years ago, is the oldest movement discipline of Asia, older than indian yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Based on an extensive knowledge of the interactions between nature, the body and the mind, its specific movements create balance between the liquids and the body's vital elements.

The movements are mostly involving the spinal column (stretching, bending, twisting). In tibetan medicine, the spine is a little like the energy-box of the body and if the spine is out of balance, then all the systems of the body are automatically out of balance. The impact of the movements on the vertebra helps to energize the body's channels which dried out and enables them to work properly again. The broken channels are reconnected so the energy can flow again.

The practice

Lu Jong yoga 1 consists of 23 movements distributed in 5 series :

  • the harmonizing movements of the 5 elements,

  • the movements for the 5 body parts' mobility,

  • the movements for the 5 vital organs' functions,

  • the movements to heal the 6 conditions,

  • plus 2 movements, one to help falling asleep, the other to help waking up.

Breathing exercices, 5 elements' self-massages, meditations and relaxations are also proposed.

The rythm

The exercices are performed one after another in a continuous movement to which we join a calm and even breath.

Who is it for ?

The magic of Lu jong yoga is its openness to all. The exercices may be performed seated on a chair, opening their benefits to all persons with reduced mobility or elderly people.

An adaptation in the oral transmission is proposed for the children, so they can also learn the benefits of this thousands years old practice while getting the feeling of beeing transformed into a wild goose drinking water, a yak rubbing its shoulders or a falcon flying in the wind...

The origins

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche first received the teaching of Lu Jong in the Bön tradition at the age of eleven. He also received the teachings and transmissions of almost all the tibetan lineages, except from the Nyingma tradition. This approach is very rare because it is very difficult. He is thus considered Rime, which means non-sectarian. He studied bouddhist meditation, tibetan medicine and astrology. Beeing in contact with westerners, Tulku Lobsang decided to gather the Lu Jong exercices from the different traditions and lineages, then he modified and adapted them to the western people's bodies so that people of all ages and physical conditions could practice them.

The benefits

It is with a deep understanding of the interdependence between nature, the body and the mind that the yogis of the past created the movements of Lu Jong. These great yogis had understood the importance of the influence nature and the five elements, which are the earth, the water, the fire, the wind and the space, had on us. They understood the profound connection existing between our mind, our breath and the subtle inner winds which are the vital energy.

The healing strength which resonates with nature's rythmes is obvious when we observe the animals and their behaviors in certain situations. This innate knowledge, this ability to feel things, modern man has simply lost it. In his way of thinking and to live his daily life, modern man constrains and forces himself at work and in life. This way isn't natural and has devastating effects on health, causing sensitivity losses in one's own body and an unawareness of the negative influences of one's mind. Emotionnal disturbances and heart problems are frequent... Also, modern man suffers from back pain because of seating too long or not moving enough... The food eaten contains too many chemicals which harm the liver and stomach, causing blood diseases or tumors... In his ongoing race to material gain, modern man has totally disconnected himself from his incarnation, going ahead in life like a ghost dressed in a physical enveloppe empty of meaning...

Lu Jong answers these problems by allowing everyone to improve their health and happiness, recovering sensitivity of the body and the mind and developping one's consciousness, while awakening inner attentiveness.

Physical benefits

The main goal of Lu Jong is to improve and maintain health by increasing natural resistance to diseases. The strength improves, the immunity is strengthened and endurance increases. Practicing Lu Jong regularly increases inner heat, which is directly linked to metabolic and cellular processes.

Mental benefits

Body and mind are intimately bound. By sharpening the consciousness of the body, Lu Jong strengthens the ability to concentrate and calms the mind. We are then able to free ourselves from negative emotions like anger, hate and cupidity and to developp positive emotions such as compassion and joy.

Energetic benefits

The breath is the link between the body and the mind. It is our vital energy. But there is another type of breath, more subtle, the wind that flows in the body channels. By learning to control this wind, we can heal imbalances and diseases. The movements of Lu Jong open and close our channels at specific points, allowing to release blocages and encouraging the wind to flow harmoniously in the channels. A good circulation of the wind in the channels allows to have our body and our mind in balance. We are mentally clear and we can freely and fully experience love and compassion.

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